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My life in Mexican colour
Elena Jimenez Alvarez
My vision and values

I have a genuine interest in helping people, authors, businesses and non-profit organisations to grow.

Truth and gratitude are my most important values and these extend to the way I work and the quality of the interactions I like to develop.

I feel passionate about helping people to communicate effectively and more compassionately.

I particularly enjoy working on projects which spark creativity and bring about positive change.

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My name is Elena. I am a qualified English to Spanish translator from Mexico, now based in the UK. I work with both books and commercial texts, and I offer translation and voice-over services. My specialisms range from Marketing and Business communications to content about Yoga, Meditation and Personal development. My mission is to translate your texts into life experiences. Get in touch.

I understand your documents
because I used to work in your field

Celebrating life, language and culture

Professional experience in translation

  • Having earned a BA in Marketing from Universidad del Valle de México, I spent five years working in marketing departments in the book industry and retail sector. During this time, I was also involved in market research, but I just knew there was something else out there I should be doing.
  • My passion for languages motivated me to train as an English language teacher at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I spent five years working in the education sector. The classes I taught ranged from secondary school all the way through to university level in both the state and private sector.
  • A traveller at heart, I went off in search of adventure with hopes of bringing about positive change. I volunteered with a number of NGOs, with my roles taking me through Finland, Germany, France and the UK. Along the way I helped to raise cultural awareness and promote international development.
  • My experience in translation dates back to 2010, when I was invited to proofread the subtitles of a documentary film to be released in Mexico, Argentina and England. I had finally found my true vocation.
  • I embarked on an MA in Translation Studies at the University of Portsmouth to gain a formal qualification, and for nearly two years I worked as a translation project manager with a British agency. This provided me with an all-round view of the translation process from various perspectives.
  • I now work as a freelance English to Mexican Spanish translator from my office in Bristol, UK. What started as a passion is today my full-time job, and something I can combine with another activity that also fulfils me, yoga.

BA Hons Marketing

4 years

BA English Language Teaching for FE/HE

3 years

MA Translation Studies

2 years

Certified Yoga Teacher

1 year

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


  • Community Interpreting Level II
  • Improver's Course for Translators


  • Technical Translation of Renewable Energies


  • Principles and Practice of Computer-Aided Translation
  • Professional Voice Over Training
  • Translation in Travel and Tourism
  • Yoga for Translators
Yoga translations

I enjoy learning new things every day. I regularly attend online and face-to-face CPD events in my working languages and specialist subject areas. I am happily committed to lifelong learning.