To translate your document to the highest standard, I follow a three-step translation process aligned with my quality control procedure:

Step 1. Analysing your document

As an initial step, I carefully analyse your document in order to:

  • identify the type of text, the genre, its features, characteristics, register, tone and style
  • identify the purpose of the text and the audience

Step 2. Translating the content

Once the purpose and target audience are identified I start translating your content. In order to produce a smooth and accurate translation which brings you results I:

  • use my analytical skillsto choose the most suitable translation strategies
  • use my research skillsto select the most appropriate terminology, find relevant parallel texts, linguistic corpora tools, specialised glossaries and dictionaries
  • use my IT skillsto ensure consistency and time efficiency
  • use my linguistic skillsto communicate your message effectively and in a natural way
  • use my common senseto make sure the text is appropriate for the intended audience according to the purpose

Step 3. Polishing the translation and delivering on time

Once the translation is completed, and as a quality control procedure, I carry out the final polishing where I:

  • proofread the document at least twice to ensure accuracy and readability (a quality procedure known as translator-revised translation)
  • edit and polish the final document to enhance naturalness (known as translator revised and additionally polished translation for publication)

I then deliver on time.

With this three-step process you can rest assured that your translation will be of the highest quality. You can relax knowing that I only accept translation work that I know I can translate to the highest standard.

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Given my background and qualifications most of the projects I work on are in the fields of marketing, education, business communications, personal development, and yoga.

Don’t despair if you specialise in a different area. I have worked on projects as diverse as fiction/non-fiction books, e-learning websites, recording the voice for film scripts, etc. Contact me. I’ll do my best to help you.

If the project is outside my own area of expertise I'll let you know and I’ll be happy to refer you to someone who is better placed to meet your requirements.

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Respect people's time is a quality. You can rest assured that I'll always deliver your project on time. What do you need translated into Spanish today?

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English to Spanish translation

Like any Spanish translator, I am fascinated by languages and cultures. But unlike just any Spanish translator I also specialise in Mexican Spanish translations.

By focusing on my native variety of Spanish I can provide not only high quality services but also fast turnaround times.

Expertise in Spanish translation.

Education & Book translation

I can translate your:

publications and books
digital content
e-learning courses
website copy
museum materials
academic brochures
article abstracts for online academic journals
research communications

Having spent five years as a higher and further education teacher and lecturer, I have more than likely read or written the types of text you need translating for academic purposes. Moreover, my experience within the book industry combined with my passion for books and literature in general, have provided me with the ability and sensitivity to translate your books. Get in touch, my mission is to translate your texts into life experiences.

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Academic and book translations.

-> books, non-fiction books, short stories, academic publishing

Marketing translation
Marketing translation into Latin American Spanish.

-> travel and tourism, book industry, communication agencies

With a BA in marketing and five years’ experience in business, market research, the book industry and retail in Mexico, I understand the Latin American psyche and know how to adapt your commercial and marketing documents to give you those all-important results.

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I can translate your:

market research
positioning concepts for research
website & blog articles
user manuals
apps for mobile devices
Business translation

I can translate your:

corporate videos
business presentations
website copy
internal journals
HR training materials
corporate communications
business communications

Having worked in both commercial businesses and non-profit organisations locally and internationally, I understand the cultural aspects of doing business in Latin America. I can translate your corporate communications so that you can interact effectively with both your employees and business partners.

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Business translations into Latin American Spanish.

-> commercial translation, media, news agencies

Wellness translation
Yoga translations

-> yoga, meditation, sustainability, international development

As a qualified translator and yoga teacher, I enjoy translating texts which uplift the human spirit in general. Moreover, after having worked in environmental and community volunteer projects, I also use this experience to help NGOs communicate effectively with their partner organisations worldwide so that they can work together and achieve their mutual goals. My mission is to translate texts which promote well-being in general.

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I can translate your:

blog articles
yoga-related content
press releases
website content
books on personal development
training materials for courses