About me

My life in Mexican colour
Elena Jimenez Alvarez
My vision and values

Truth and gratitude are my most important values and these extend to the way I work and the quality of the interactions I like to develop.

I feel passionate about translating content that invites us to live in harmony and helps us to communicate compassionately.

I particularly enjoy working on projects which spark creativity and bring about positive change.

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My name is Elena. As a qualified English to Spanish translator and professional voiceover artist from Mexico I am keen to use my skills for the benefit of others, to enrich people's life. Given my background, qualifications, and personal interests, the focus of my work are corporate, creative and literary projects. My services include translation, transcreation, localization and voiceover. My mission is to translate and voice your texts into life experiences. Get in touch.


MA Translation Studies (Distinction)

3 years

Professional Voiceover Training


BA Marketing (Honours) & BA Language Teaching

4 years

Certified Yoga Teacher

1 year

I enjoy learning new things every day. I regularly attend online and face-to-face CPD events in my working languages and specialist subject areas. I am happily committed to lifelong learning.